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Tomatoes are healthy and tasty and come in many different forms and colours. Rijk Zwaan has a strong position in the tomato market and we are expanding our efforts in all fresh market segments worldwide.

Tomato (Solanum Annum L.) is associated with traditional and high-class dishes in many meals of Asian families. This is a food rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and β-carotene that are beneficial to human health.

Currently, due to the increasing demand for safe and high-quality vegetable products, tomato cultivation in greenhouses is one of the most effective solutions to meet the requirements of end consumers. Since then, growers who grow tomatoes in greenhouses have also gotten very high profits on their cultivation area.

Tomato plants grown in greenhouses are one of the strengths that Rijk Zwaan has invested in researching and developing for a long time. Namely, many tomato varieties have high yield, high quality and good resistance to common diseases, diseases mutations and new dangerous diseases for plants. Therefore, growers who are using Rijk Zwaan's tomato varieties often achieve very high economic efficiency.

Rijk Zwaan has been developing many tomato varieties with outstanding yield, resistance to some common diseases on tomato plants very well, suitable for both bunch harvesting and fruit harvesting that are preferred by growers as well as traders and consumers. Besides that, we also develop many high-quality varieties such as red cherry tomato, yellow cherry tomato, cocktail tomato...


Mr. Khoo Peng Keat

Director of Food Forest Farm (Malaysia)
Rijk Zwaan has been more than a partner to our company contributing positively in many aspects from crop development, and range selection to supply chain and market innovations. The information, insights and inputs from Rijk Zwaan have been absolutely essential in our daily business consideration and strategic planning. This makes our relationship with Rijk Zwaan very important for us to progress as a business. I think the experience of working with Rijk Zwaan has been positive, happy and good with many innovative projects and collaborative works completed very successfully through early engagements. We have been very well supported by Rijk Zwaan staff as well as distributors and are very thankful for that.

Weiping Mao

Business Relations Manager China
Rijk Zwaan understands the importance of seeds to farmers. We want to support you in maximizing the value of all your effort, investment, time, hard work, and wholehearted care for plants. We would like to share your joy and pride of a better harvest from our seeds, as well as the compliments from your customers, we would like to hear from you: "Rijk Zwaan's seeds and their services have been very helpful to us". In fact, we hear these words from thousands of farmers like you.