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Sweet pepper

Sweet peppers are grown year-round and come in many different colours, forms and sizes. Our dedicated team of breeders is creating an ever-expanding range of high-quality pepper varieties.

Sweet pepper (Capsicum Annum L.) is a fruit crop with high economic value for growers. This is a nutritious fruit, rich in vitamins and β-Carotene that is beneficial to human health. Furthermore, sweet pepper is one of the symbolic greenhouse crops for hi-tech agriculture.

Rijk Zwaan offers a complete range of sweet peppers, from large to small-fruited varieties, early to late maturity and suitability for open field, protected or ‘high tech’ conditions. We are able to offer a reliable variety for most growing conditions and match your specific needs.

Rijk Zwaan is well known as the global leader in the research and development of sweet pepper (bell pepper) varieties in the world. Outstanding contributions made by Rijk Zwaan include creating high-yielding sweet pepper varieties that are diverse in color, types and with very high nutritional value. As a result, this crop contributes to diversifying dishes, improving tastes and nutritional composition for consumers in Asia.


Mr. Tommy Qu

Guangzhou Bobby Agriculture Tec. Co. Ltd (China)
We highly value our close collaboration with the Rijk Zwaan team. What sets them apart is their chain knowledge, network and services. The whole team continuously help and support us. We benefit from their knowledge of category management, which helps us to position our products and improve operational efficiency. But even more important is the broad business network that Rijk Zwaan have connected us with; this rapidly boosted our sales revenues in the short term and we expect to see a further steady rise in the long run. In the future, we are keen to collaborate even more closely with Rijk Zwaan, such as by doing earlier trials of the new varieties.

Hai Su

Chain Specialist
In 2020, we cooperated with Yunnan Zhongkang (a plant company), Dole (a trade company) and Sam’s (a supermarket) to launch Sweet Palermo products in the Chinese market. Since its launch, Sweet Palermo has been favored by consumers for its rich color, crisp & sweet taste and rich vitamin C. This is the first time that we try to build the whole industry chain model from seed to dining-table together with our partners. Later, we will promote this model to other brand products, such as mini celery Elfy, mini cabbage Cabbisi, SN!BS and so on.