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Rijk Zwaan is one of the leading lettuce breeding companies in the world. We invest a lot of research effort into finding new and better varieties of lettuce for all growing conditions and developing a wide diversity in colour, taste and texture.

Lettuce is well known as a raw vegetable in family meals and parties in Asia and other countries around the world. This is a food rich in vitamins A, C and K to help reduce arteriosclerosis, rich in cholesterol to help prevent obesity and bring beautiful skin, rich in fiber, low in calories to help lose weight.

Today, with the growing trend of having diets, lettuce is proving its dominance in the dishes because of its nutritious content, sweet and crispy tastes, eye-catching colors and versatility in different types of recipes.

Rijk Zwaan is proud to be one of the leading lettuce breeding companies in the world. By innovative technologies, Rijk Zwaan has developed many different types of lettuce such as crystal lettuce, Batavia, Roman, Iceberg and small-leaf lettuce (Salanova®) to serve the needs of Asia consumers.

Furthermore, Rijk Zwaan also focuses on developing different growing methods, especially hydroponic lettuce production technology that has brought very high economic efficiency to growers, including shortening the crop cycle and increasing the number of crops and the outcome in most seasons of the year. This method also creates a clean and safe food source for consumers.

In particular, dishes from lettuce and processing methods are also shared by Rijk Zwaan to consumers through the Love My Salad social network. This is an interactive platform for salad lovers, consumers and professionals.


Mr. Khoo Peng Keat

Director of Food Forest Farm (Malaysia)
Working with Rijk Zwaan has given me a great sense of purpose as well as confidence in our work as a grower and supplier of fresh vegetables. With the support from Rijk Zwaan, as a small and emerging grower in Malaysia, we are able to produce a very premium vegetable range of high standards. The working relationship has been innovative, positive, open and full of trust. The team in Rijk Zwaan has also been pivotal in influencing the right mindset as well as inspiring International quality standards and continuous improvements in our work. We hope to continue and deepen our engagement with Rijk Zwaan to continue to open up more possibilities as well as range and variations of varieties to grow for supply in Malaysia and Singapore.

Jos van der Knaap

Product Development Specialist
In Rijk Zwaan, we are breeding specific varieties for all kinds of climates, systems and uses. Not just copying what the competition is bringing but often creating new types and adding new traits. I believe this helps the growers to bring the tan optimal product to the market.